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VOICE TRAINING ~ Accent Reduction

An accent is part of a person’s uniqueness. It contributes to personality, background and culture. The many varied accents that speakers of the English language have, adds richness and colour to the sound landscape. Almost all of us have some sort of accent.

South Africa, in particular, is filled with many different accents – we might speak with a Zulu, Afrikaans, Coloured, Indian accent – to name but a few.  At Accents, we do not aim to change your accent, our main focus is on improving clarity. This might mean that we will focus on accent reduction or neutralization, but we would not recommend eliminating a person’s accent.

A very strong accent can get in the way of clarity


An accent can add uniqueness, flavour and colour to speech. In fact, having an accent can be an advantage in conversation. People are naturally curious and want to know where you come from.

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How can ACCENTS help you?

Step 1

Our specialised facilitators are trained to assess an individual’s
voice and determine which elements of your accents are hindering clarity and understanding

Step 2

We create a specific programme to address your particular areas of weakness.  The number of sessions is dependent on the complexity of the speech area.  We e-mail this proposal to your with an estimate of how many sessions would be required.

step 3

Training commences with our highly specialised facilitators.  We also provide specific sound bites for vowel and consonant practice so that clients can continue to practice after the session, wherever and whenever they like.

step 4

Accents provides follow-up sessions for clients to ensure that the benefits gained are retained.




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Accents has assisted many South Africans to achieve clearer communication and we are familiar with all local accents.

We have also assisted many foreigners and have helped to increase the clarity in speakers with the following accents to name but a few:

Accents celebrating culture improving clarity of speech

ACCENTS was involved with Destiny Health Inc to assist South African Call Centre agents understand the various accents they would be exposed to when listening to their US clients.

ACCENTS was involved with PruHealth to assist South African Call Centre agents understand the various accents they would be exposed to when listening to their UK clients.

We can also help you with
We have assisted actors to acquire various accents for roles they are playing.

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Antonio Maraffa

“Thank you Marija, for assisting me so professionally to be better understood”
Antonio Maraffa| Director SASOL Italy

Prof. Guoyuan Qi

“Thank you for you patience and the wonderful way in which you conducted the sessions”
 Prof. Guoyuan Qi | Dep. of Electrical Engineering
Tshwane University of Technology

Mr. Y. Hosseinzadech

“At last I am able to be understood in Project Management Meetings! Thank you”
Mr. Yaghoob Hosseinzadech | Engineer SASOL Synfuels




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