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BUSINESS COMMUNICATION ~ Business Writing Skills

The event of technology has meant that we need to refine our writing skills more than ever before. Clear, clean communication, devoid of anything unnecessary, is vital. Our writing style needs to be short, sharp and impactful.  The tone needs to be authentic, with just the right balance between friendliness and professionalism.

Technology magnifies the view of one’s English language ability as emails are read simultaneously by many different people, showcasing your ability. Reports are shared and discussed at meetings and the ability to write well in English will advance career success.

In South Africa, there are many second and third-language English speakers, who have a poor command of English due to inferior quality education.  Accents Training has enabled many individuals to
improve their written English, thereby ensuring career advancement. The Business Writing Skills Programme enables participants to be clear, concise and creative when expressing themselves and may be customized to address the specific types of communication within your environment.

These may include: 

      emails |reports|proposals|agendas |minutes of meetings|articles and newsletters

Each delegate’s level of proficiency is assessed prior to commencement of training and weekly assignments reinforce learning. Regardless of each delegate’s starting point, writing skills are improved .

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What you will learn:

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Vocabulary development

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Sound sentence structure

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Correct use of tenses

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Eliminating common grammatical errors

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Layout and paragraphing

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Tone and style in writing

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English pronunciation

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Creative use of language

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Power language - words that sell

Training is customized to address the specific types of written communication required in the place of work.  Group training as well as individual training is available.

Accents is based in Johannesburg and offers the business writing skills course throughout Gauteng - Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, East Rand and West Rand

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Some of our satisfied business writing skills clients include:

JHI Properties
Satisfied client of Accents -
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