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Communication Skills

Business Communication

Communicating with one another is something we do all day, everday. Misunderstandings & communication breakdowns arise as a result of:

  • Poor choice of words
  • Inappropriate tone of voice
  • Unfortunate use of body language

Regardless of your position in a company, from a director, to a senior manager, to administrative staff… great communication skills are essential in everyday business.

Have you asked yourself ? 

Why don’t people understand me?

Why can’t others do what I’ve asked them to do?

Why do conflicts arise so easily?

How will Accents’ Communication Skills Programme help you?

You will have a better understanding of cross-cultural communication and be able to deliver your message in a clear & impactful way.

The training programme is highly experiential, providing offering many opportunities to practise and enhance skills.

You will how to communicate effectivly & assertivly through body language.

You will be empowered to use your voice in an impactful and dynamic way.

What will you learn through our business communications programme?


The process of communication

Identifying barriers to good communication

Understanding the role of perception and assumption

Effective vocal skills

The power of words and language

Exploration of intercultural communication

Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication

Assertiveness skills

Active listening

  A wise manager once observed: “Considering that human beings spend so much time talking, they’re not very good at it!”

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The option of both group training and individual coaching is available.

Digital recordings of role-plays are used to enhance learning. 

Customised workshops and seminars are available for larger groups.

“The course was very impressive, compact and moved at a good pace”

Anne Mjoroge


“Please convey my thanks to everyone involved in the Communication Skills Workshop. It was excellent! I will definitely recommend it to all my colleagues”

Matimba Mbungela


“The course was well organised and quite brilliant. I look forward to attending more in the future”

Dr. Jacqueline Mendes

Wits School of Public Health

“The facilator was extremely professional. This course has helped me identify my problem areas and has given me ways to work on them”

Idris Seedat