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LEADERSHIP COACHING ~ Executive Communication Skills

Leaders need to be great communicators. The ability to communicate well is a core skill for all in business today - regardless of whether one is a director, senior manager or team leader.

Many misunderstandings and communication breakdowns  arise because of a poor choice of words, inappropriate tone of voice or an unfortunate use of body language.

Accents’ Communication Skills Training Programme aims to help participants speak to be understood and listen to understand.

The business communication training programme is highly experiential, giving participants many opportunities to practise communication and to discover how to enhance their skills.  Participants will learn models for effective, assertive communication and non-verbal communication. In addition, participants are introduced to the concepts of a commanding, dynamic voice which can be a powerful tool for maintaining assertiveness.

Have you ever asked yourself:

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Why don’t they understand me?

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Why can’t they do what I’ve asked them to do?

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How did this misunderstanding turn into such a major issue?

If these questions resonate with you, then give us a call.

The Accents’ Communication SkillsTraining Programme is suitable for managers and team leaders who need to communicate effectively and confidently, whether with colleagues, staff, subordinates or customers.

South Africa is a melting pot of diverse language groups and cultures and therefore being able to understand one another is critical. Whether you are delegating a task, giving instructions or providing positive or negative feedback to a staff member, good communication is an essential skill.


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About the communication process

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Identifying barriers to good communication

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Understanding of the role that perception and assumptions play

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Effective vocal skills

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The power of words and language

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Exploration of intercultural communication

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Intrapersonal and interpersonal communication

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Practice of assertiveness skills

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Active listening.

A wise manager once observed: “Considering that human beings spend so much time talking, they’re not very good at it!”

What are the benefits of attending the Business Communication Skills Programme?

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 You will be more easily understood by colleagues and clients

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You will have a better understanding of your own strengths and weaknesses when communicating

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You will be able to give clear instructions

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Your confidence will improve

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You will be able to understand people of other cultures

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Conflict and misunderstandings will be reduced

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You will be able to listen more attentively

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You will be able to respond appropriately to any given situation

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There will be increased team cohesion

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Your productivity will increase.

If you want these results, contact us to request a quote.

The option of both group training and individual coaching is available.

Digital recordings of role-plays are used to enhance learning. 

Customised workshops and seminars are available for larger groups

Accents is based in Johannesburg and gives it’s Executive Communication Skills course throughout Gauteng.

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Anne Mjoroge

“The course was very impressive, compact and moved at a good pace”
 Anne Mjoroge | Strate

Matimba Mbungela

“Please convey my thanks to everyone involved in the Communication Skills Workshop.  It was excellent!  I will definitely recommend it to all my colleagues”
Matimba Mbungela| Vodacom

Dr. Jacqueline Mendes

“The course was well organised and quite brilliant.  I look forward to attending more in the future”
 Dr. Jacqueline Mendes | Wits School of Public Health

Idris Seedat

“The facilator was extremely professional.  This course has helped me identify my problem areas and has given me ways to work on them”
 Iris Seedat| JSA Securities Exchnage

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