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English Pronunciation

English can be a very difficult language to speak correctly, as we do not pronounce words as they are spelled.

It is not a phonetic (fo-net-ik) language.

English spelling and pronunciation is so complex because we borrow words from many different languages, which have their own spelling system.

This can be confusing and overwhelming for a second-language English speaker.

How can we improve your English pronunciation?

We provide audio modules to help you practice the English vowel sounds

We compare your mother-tongue consonants and tailor exercises to improve your pronounciation.

We examine stress on syllables and the impact it has on meaning

We correct mispronunciations for example:

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“Thank you Marija, for assisting me so professionally to be better understood”

Antonio Maraffa

Director , SASOL Italy

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Prof. Guoyuan Qi

Dep. of Electrical Engineering, Tshwane University of Technology

“At last I am able to be understood in Project Management Meetings! Thank you”

Mr. Yaghoob Hosseinzadech

Engineer , SASOL Synfuels