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VOICE TRAINING ~ Managing Fear

Public speaking is quoted as one of the most feared activities in the modern world today. It rates even higher than financial worry, loneliness and death! It can be debilitating and prevent people from communicating and sharing all the great ideas they might have.

When facing an audience, do you suffer from:

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Uncontrollable trembling and shaking

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An increase in heart-reate - your heart feels s though it will leap out of your chest

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Dry mouth

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Forgetting what to say next - blanking out

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Fillers such as ‘um’ and ‘er’ or repeated phrases ‘do you know what I mean?’ ‘OK’

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Stammering and stumbling and tripping over words

If your answer is yes to one or more of these, contact us now!


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At Accents, we assist clients who fear public speaking, to manage and control their fear using a number of strategies. Our aim is not to remove fear, but to take its energy and use it to your benefit.

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“Make the FEAR of public speaking your slave and not your master”

The issue of fear of public speaking is tackled on two levels:

# 1

We will teach you strategies to manage and control your breathing which will give you greater control of your speech. You will also learn strategies to eliminate dryness in your mouth, reduce the rapid rate of delivery and speak with confidence and clarity.

# 2

We need to examine the cause of your fear, and using some of Martha Beck’s Coaching tools, identify your fear, name your fear and tame your fear!

Fear can be caused through external means – a very large audience, equipment that is not working, feeling intimidated by the audience,  OR

Fear can be caused internally – a lack of preparation, poor self-confidence, inadequate skills and experience in public speaking.

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Benefits of Accents Training in public speaking

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Harness the energy of fear and use it positively

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Manage and control fear through technical skill

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Prevent fear from turning into a phobia

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Use strategies to disguise common symptoms of fear

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Increase self-awareness and self confidence

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Remain focused and calm regardless of audience push-back

Group training and individual coaching are available.

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