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Presentation Skills

Business Communication / Leadership Training 

The moment you present in any context, you are leading. In business one needs to speak with credibility and authority.

Whether you are selling a product, service or idea, you need to be able to persuade, captivate and inspire your audience.

This is why great presentation skills are so essential in every business context.

We will assist you in presenting your ideas and recommendations.

  • In boardrooms
  • Lectures halls
  • At conferences
  • In meetings
  • Social gatherings

Whatever the setting, Accents’ Presentation Skills will assist you in presenting powerfully & confidently so that your ideas are heard and remembered.

The aim of our programmes is to help you, or your team, focus on your unique strengths and use these to make effective, engaging and convincing presentations.

Accents’ Presentation Skills Programme

Our program will help you develop the skills required to conduct powerful and influential business presentations. We focus on increasing your:

  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Clarity

The practical nature of our program serves to build on your confidence and the module content has been carefully selected to directly address the most critical areas of the presentation process.

The Benetfits of Our Presentation Skills Training 

Your nerves will be transformed into positive energy

Your presentation strengths and weaknesses will be identified

You will know how to analyse an audience

You will be able to use your voice effectively

Understand the impact of body language

Communicate your message with clarity and logic

Increase the ease and effectiveness of using audio-visuals

Answer questions and objections with credibility and flair

Deliver dynamic and inspiring presentations

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The option of both group training and individual coaching is available.

Digital recordings of presentations are used to enhance learning.

Each delegate receives their own digital video recording of their progress with written feedback

“The programme was relevant, interesting and well-structured”

Thomas Munyai

Lecturer, TUT

“Very professional and informative. I would recommend this programme to all professionals”

Munya Gwanzara

Webber Wentzel