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LEADERSHIP COACHING ~ Presentation Skills

The moment you present in any context, you are leading and you need to own your own power and authority. Great presentation skills are essential in any business context. Whether you are in sales directly or whether you are selling a service or idea, you need to be able to persuade, captivate and inspire your audience.

At Accents we will assist you to present your ideas and recommendations in a variety of settings – in the boardroom, in the media, in conferences and at committee meetings.

Whatever, the setting, you need to be heard, to feel confident, to inspire and be remembered. Our training will help you to focus on your unique qualities and strengths and use them to make effective and convincing presentations

The three most sought after qualities in great presenting are:

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Recall the last time you presented:

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Did you look and sound nervous?

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Were your slides mediocre and wordy?

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Did you lose the attention of the audience?

If you answered YES to these questions, it is time to take action.

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Accents’ Presentation Skills programme will help you to develop the skills required to conduct powerful and influential business presentations. The practical nature of the training serves to build each individual’s confidence and the module content has been carefully selected to directly address the most critical areas of the presentation process.

The benefits of attending our Presentation Skills Training include:

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Transformation of nerves into positive energy

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Identification of strengths and weaknesses of presentation style

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The ability to analyse an audience

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Use of effective vocal skills

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Understanding the impact of body language

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Communication of a message with clarity and logic

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Increasing the ease and effectiveness of using audio-visuals

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Ability to answer questions and objections with credibility and flair

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Delivering of dynamic and motivating presentations

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Boosting your sales.

The option of both group training and individual coaching is available.

Digital recordings of presentations are used to enhance learning. Each delegate receives a DVD of their progress and details verbal and written feedback.

Accents is based in Johannesburg and offers its Presentation Skills Course thoughout Gauteng - Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, East Rand, West Rand

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Thomas Munyai

“The programme was relevant, interesting and well-structured”
 Thomas Munyai | Lecturer TUT

Munya Gwanzara

“Very professional and informative.  I would recommend this programme to all professionals”
 Munya Gwanzara | Webber Wentzel

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