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Do you need help to improve your voice?

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Does your voice get tired after speaking for a long time?

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Do you lose your listener’s interest while you are talking?

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Do people often ask you to repeat what you have said?

If you answered YES to any of these, contact Maggie Tshule.

The human voice is a remarkable instrument. A speaker can evoke a wide range of emotions and mental images by slight changes of vocal timbre, loudness or subtle nuances in inflection. Voice production is a multi-system activity. Your breathing, voice production, brain, thinking and digestive systems all participate. Voice production is influenced by the overall health of the body, the mind, and the emotions, it is a sensitive barometer of a person’s physical and emotional health. 

The human voice varies in pitch, loudness, and quality. A distortion of any of these three features either separately or in combination can produce a voice disorder.

Most individuals have voices which could be improved, that is, made more pleasant and efficient. However, majority of individuals with voice disorders who consult a Speech Therapist may have the disorder not only as a result of a physical pathology, but also because of emotional and / or vocational problems. 

Everyone speaks with an accent. Accents reflect the unique characteristics and background of a person and should be valued. You may speak English with an accent because English is not your first language.  An accent is the unique way that speech is pronounced by a group of people speaking the same language. However, sometimes an accent may be so unique that is causes the speaker to have problems when communicating. Thus a strong accent may have negative effect on job performance, educational advancement, and everyday life activities. For these reasons, accent modification may be required.

Assessment for accent modification involves listening to the speech in conversation in order to determine what can be done to modify the accent and improve overall communication. A programme based on the individual’s needs is then developed which may include sound pronunciation (consonants and vowels) stress, rhythm, and intonation of speech.

If you have difficulty with any of the following:

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Pronouncing certain words

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Articulating specific sounds

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Speaking too loudly/too softly

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Speaking very quickly

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Stammering or stuttering

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Maggie is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with over twenty years’ experience in training individuals with verbal communication difficulties. Her Speech and Language Therapy is customized to address the specific difficulties of the individual in order to improve confidence in speaking  thus  enabling the individual to become  an effective  communicator in  the business  and professional worlds.

The number of therapy sessions vary depending on the severity of the problem. Each individual is assessed to determine the severity and type of problem and this information is used to establish the number of therapy sessions the individual may require.

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Maggie Tshule

Yvonne Mosai

Phineas Matodzi

“This is the best thing that has happened for me this year.  I feel confident, I can speak openly and freely when I'm with my friends, you know, those from English schools.”
 Yvonne Mosia| Business Presentation Skills

“Very professional and informative.  I would recommend this programme to all professionals”
 PhineasMatodzi | Giuricich Bros

Mitz Shenkman

“Very professional and informative.  I would recommend this programme to all professionals”
 Kitz Shenkman| (MD), OCC (Pty) Ltd.

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