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My baby doesn’t talk yet!
Will my child out-grow this?
Everyone in our family was a late talker. 
My child will talk when the time is right. Why worry now?

You may have had similar thoughts or comments or concerns about your child’s speech. It may be time to contact a Speech-Language Therapist

Speech Therapists are professionals who are specially trained to evaluate children and to provide intervention services within a structured communication setting specially designed to improve listening and speaking skills.

If speech is not clear, or if speech or language is different from that of other children of the same age, it is time to consult a Speech Therapist.

When is speech therapy needed?

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Absence of individual words by 18 months

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Absence of two-word phrases by age 2 years

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Inappropriate responses to questions

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Echoing of speech of others

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Poor intelligibility of speech (unclear speech)

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Under-developed play skills

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Poor understanding

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Poor use of descriptive words and prepositions (in, out, under etc)

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Dependence on gestures and limited words

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Need for frequent repetitions of instructions

Children who have problems with any of these aspects of language will have trouble understanding others, making themselves understood, and/or participating appropriately in social situations. Early intervention can assist your child to communicate effectively and can alleviate some of the frustrations both parent and child may be experiencing.

The intervention will entail:

(1) Speech and Language Evaluation which may be formal or informal. This could include any combination of standardized tests, direct observation of play and interaction with caregivers, report by parent or teacher, or other specialists, and collection and detailed analysis of spontaneous speech samples.

(2) Speech and Language Therapy, which is taught in a structured natural setting and presented at the child’s level of development, with speech that is clear and simple for the child to model.

The earlier the intervention begins, the better the chance of successful language use. It is important to help the child to feel successful in his or her communication attempts. Speech Therapy will build on your child’s strengths while targeting problem areas. 

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Maggie Tshule - Accents’ Speech Therapist

Maggie Tshule has BA (Speech & Hearing)Therapy and MEd (Psychology) from the University of the Witwatersrand. Maggie has over twenty years’ experience lecturing and training students. She is responsible for establishing the first Speech Therapy and Audiology training programme at MEDUNSA. Maggie is a visionary and decisive therapist,  a confident, disciplined and resilient people's person, whose primary goal is the enrichment of the community.

She has received specialist training in Fluency Disorders from Northwestern University in the USA and has been a member of the Stuttering Foundation of America since 1994. She is also a member of the Fluency Special Interest Division of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).

She has made several TV and Radio appearances on Mnet, eTV, Lesedi FM, Motsweding FM and Radio 702, to name but a few.

View Maggie on eTV’s Great Expectations Programme

Maggie Tshule



“I must really thank you for your great work that you have done for my child, it really helped a lot, there’s lost of improvement.  Words cannot describe how happy I am with work but I could thank God for bringing you into our lives”

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“Thanks for the e-mail. J. is doing so well and everyone is very pleased with his progress. The little man has found his voice and is certainly using it. He even got some "time out" the other day for being too noisy. I was so proud. You are really working wonders with him.

My friends have also been very impressed with his progress and I think that you will definitely be getting lots of referrals. You have made a huge impact on his life, he loves his "Maggie" days.

Have a very blessed day


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