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“Your Voice is the Outward Expression of your inner self” Cecily Berry.
If someone whispered in your ear a sweet nothing about the tone and timbre of your voice, clarity of your diction, your pronunciation of the South African idioms, would you shrug it off as nonsense or listen intently for additional advice and information...


If your response is positive, you have secured your place among the growing number of movers and shakers, that have realized that the way you use your voice is as important as how you style your hair, choose your designer jeans or project your body image.

Self improvement has become high on the list of must-haves along with Prada, true-religion jeans and botox. Communication skills, language usage, voice and confident speech for corporate presentations, television and/or radio interviews should be high up on this list of must haves.

In 2006 while training the finalists for the Miss SA beauty pageant, I was quite intimidated at the thought of all that beauty, but upon meeting the ladies, I found a casual group of girls who needed to apply “make-up” to their communication skills. Incorporating speech into the finishing touches for the Miss SA gala makes absolute sense. Often people think in terms of using touch-up to their eye-brows and hairstyles as well as having pedicures and manicures to augment their look. Yet rarely consider the impact they make when opening their mouths. Surely a good voice and fluent language usage count for far more in the long run. If speech is sluggish and sloppy, it projects an image of someone who is lazy and inefficient. Speech needs to be crisp and clear if you want to sound vibrant and dynamic.

Correct breathing is the foundation of good speech. Mastering the correct breathing technique is vital in establishing an energetic and colourful voice. Breathing exercises help to improve lung capacity and to strengthen the voice. A thin breathy tone of voice can be transformed into a full rich and warm voice through exercises. All too often, we do not give our voices the opportunity to vibrate effectively. We clench our jaws; speak too rapidly with closed mouths resulting in tiny, nasal speech. We need to think of the whole body, especially the chest area, as the sound box for our voice.

Accents’ provides services to small groups or individual employees within companies, based on their unique presentation and communication needs. We coach individuals on the actual speech delivery, including Voice Projection, English Language Enrichment, Pronunciation, Accent Modification, Business Presentation and Professional Telephone Techniques. Individuals who are held back in their careers by the way they speak will benefit from our services.

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