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Stuttering is a communication difficulty that affects the fluency of speech. It begins during childhood and, in some cases, persists throughout the life span.

Stuttering is characterized by disruptions in the production of speech sounds. Speech-Language Therapists refer to these disruptions as dis-fluencies.

Most speakers produce brief dis fluencies in speech from time to time. For instance, some words are repeated and others are preceded by interjections such as "um." Dis-fluencies are not necessarily problematic, however, they can impede communication when a speaker produces too many. Interjections such as "um" or "like" can be symptomatic of  stuttering, as well, particularly when the interjections contain repeated ("u- um- um") or prolonged ("uuuum") speech sounds or when they are used intentionally to delay the initiation of a word the speaker expects to "get stuck on."

Stuttered speech may include:c

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Repetitions of words or parts of words

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Prolonging of speech sounds

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Facial distortions and excessive physical tension in the speech musculature

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Breathlessness when speaking

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Blockage of the forward flow of speech (the speaker may position the mouth say a sound, sometimes for several seconds, with little or now sound forthcoming)

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The Effects of Stuttering on Daily Life
The specific activities that a speaker finds challenging to perform vary across individuals. For some people, communication difficulties are only apparent during specific activities such as:

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Speaking in front of large groups

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Talking on the phone

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Talking in the presence of intimidating people

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Talking to a person of the opposite sex

For others, however, communication difficulties are apparent to varying degrees across a host of activities at home, school, or work.

In order to avoid stuttering, some speakers may limit the extent to which they participate in these activities. Such "participation restrictions" often relate to concern over how others might react to dis-fluent speech.

Other speakers may attempt to conceal their dis-fluent speech from others by re-arranging the words in their intended sentence, pretending to forget what they wanted to say, or declining the opportunity to speak. Clearly, the impact of stuttering on daily life is severe and limiting.

Maggie is a founder member of Speak Easy Stuttering Association of South Africa, a support group for people who stutter and their families. 

She was instrumental in winning the bid to host the 3rd World Congress  of the  International stuttering Association, which was held in Johannesburg in 1998,  She is a graduate of the Stuttering Foundation / Northwestern University workshop for She has participated in a number of International Fluency Association conferences.  Maggie was a founder member of the highly acclaimed Successful Stuttering  Management Intensive Therapy Workshop that was held at the University of the Witwatersrand during 1997 to 2000. Since 1998, every year on October 22, together with colleagues and people who stutter, Maggie celebrates International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD)  by holding conferences on stuttering,  giving talks on radio, television and other media.

Maggie Tshule
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