The Sound of Success

Your voice is the means through which you communicate your thoughts and ideas. To the ears of others, we are what we speak. A vital voice is therefore not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Come and attend this dynamic and lively workshop with Marija Ruygrok from ACCENTS in which we will discuss:

  • First impressions: visual, verbal and vocal messages
  • How to manage and control nerves
  • Developing presence through posture
  • The importance of breathing
  • Developing resonance to enhance credibility
  • Speaking with clarity & articulation
  • Its not what you say but how you say it: expression & vocal Tone
  • Slowing down and using pause
  • Speaking with energy and enthusiasm – confidence sells
  • Addressing the issue of accents

The session is highly interactive with lots of opportunity for interactive exercises, questions and discussion.

Target Audience

All middle-management as well as support staff

Workshop Duration

Flexible and may be between 90 min – 4 hours

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Delegates receive handouts with the key concepts.