Your Telepersonality

To the ears of others, we are what we speak.  A vital voice is therefore not a luxury, it is a necessity. This fact is highlighted over the telephone as the listener has only our voice to go by and no other visual clues.  Instant assumptions are made about us: assumptions about our intelligence, our background, class, our education and competence and, ultimately, our credibility.

Come and attend this dynamic and lively workshop with Marija Ruygrok from ACCENTS in which we will discuss:

  • A professional vocal image – you are the voice of the organisation, greeting with a smile, vocal clarity, enthusiasm+ energy
  • A professional visual image – dress and appearance, the reception area, meeting and greeting visitors
  • A professional verbal image – polite turns of phrase, courtesy, avoiding slang + ‘terms of endearment”, professional language
  • Telephone etiquette – some general do’s and don’ts
  • Managing difficult and demanding callers

10 top phone rage triggers – the issues that move callers from frustration to rage

The session is highly interactive with lots of opportunity for interactive exercises, questions, and discussion.

Target Audience

PA’s, Secretaries, Reception & Administrative, Call Centre Staff

Workshop Duration

Flexible and may be between 90 min – 4 hours

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Delegates receive handouts with the key concepts.