Assertiveness and
Conflict Management

The ability to communicate assertively and resolve conflict appropriately is an area of emotional competence that holds the key to a profitable and positive business atmosphere. Global research shows conclusively that the success of individuals and companies depends twice as much upon emotional competence as it does upon intelligence or expertise.
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The Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution Programme provides delegates with a clear understanding of assertive behavior and empowers them with skills for managing conflict in a constructive manner that builds balanced and positive relationships with colleagues and clients. Assertiveness will help you to:

    • Reduce stress
    • Improve office relationships
    • Say “No” without guilt
    • Ask for what you need or want
    •  Set healthy boundaries

Looking to acquire these skills to advance your career?

Self-confidence. Empowerment. Clarity

What are some of the benefits of attending?

Greater self awareness

Improved relationships

Achieving win-win scenarios

Appropriate management of conflict

girl using assertive tone over mic

Reduced stress and anxiety

Increased self-confidence

Direct and clear communication

Team cohesion and unity


Accents Assertiveness & Conflict Management Programme

Assertive behaviour is a lot more than just the ability to say no.

It may also be necessary when:

  • You need to communicate difficult or negative information to a
    team member.
  • You may find it difficult to receive compliments yourself.
  • You may be unable to ask for what you need or want.
  • You have difficulty setting appropriate boundaries.
  • Learning the appropriate assertiveness skills is liberating and empowering.


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