Business Writing Skills

Advances in technology has meant that we need to refine our business writing skills more than ever before.
Clear, direct communication , devoid of anything unnecessary, is vital. Our writing style needs to be short, sharp and impactful.
The correct balance between friendliness and formality in tone is crucial, in professional business writing.
Want to learn how to improve your writing skills ?
business writing

Technology magnifies the view of one’s English language ability, as emails are read simultaneously by many different people, showcasing your ability. Reports are shared and discussed at meetings and the skill of writing well, will advance career success.

In South Africa, there are many second and third-language English speakers, who have a poor command of English due to inferior quality education. Accents’ Training has enabled many individuals to improve their written English, thereby ensuring career advancement. The Business Writing Skills Course enables participants to be clear, concise and creative when expressing themselves. The content may be customised to address the specific types of written communication within your environment.

These may include:

Improvement. Achievements. Communication

What will you learn?

Vocabulary development

Sound sentence structure 

Appropriate use of tenses 

To correct common grammatical errors


Appropriate layout and paragraphing

Tone and style in writing 

Creative use of language 


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