Communication Skills

Communicating with one another is something we do all day, everyday. Misunderstandings & communication breakdowns arise as a result of:
  • Poor choice of words
  • Inappropriate tone of voice
  • Aggressive or awkward body language.

    Regardless of your position in a company, from a director, to a senior manager, to administrative staff. Great communication skills are essential in everyday business.
  • dynamic voice

    Have you asked yourself?

    Why don’t people understand me?

    Why can’t others do what I’ve asked them to do?

    Why do conflicts arise so easily?

    If these questions resonate with you then contact us.

    How will Accents’ Communication Skills Programme help you? These are the ways.

    You will be empowered to use your voice and body language in an impactful and dynamic way
    You will be able to deliver reports, provide feedback or give instructions clearly and logically
    You will be able to ask for what you need or want in a clear and persuasive manner

    What will you learn?

      A wise manager once observed: “Considering that human beings spend so much time talking, they’re not very good at it!”


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