Your Dynamic Voice

As soon as we open our mouths to speak, we are judged. Instant assumptions are made about our background, our intelligence, our class, our power. In business communication today, it is essential to be able to speak up, in order to delegate, instruct, inform, inspire and persuade. This is how we train your dynamic voice.

dynamic voice

Have you ever thought:

No one listens to me when I speak…

I wish I could sound confident and clear…

Your voice can fail you in many ways, which affects your presence and power. 
  • If your voice hurts or tires easily
  • If you keep having to repeat yourself
  • If you speak so rapidly that you stumble over words
  • If your voice annoys listeners and you are easily ignored
Then its time to give us a call

We are committed to helping you make the most of your voice.

We look forward to working with you and helping you unleash your full vocal potential

Step 1

Book your free assessment

Our specialised facilitators are trained to assess an individual’s voice and determine which elements of your accent is hindering clarity and understanding
Step 2

Customised programme is created

We create a specific programme to address your particular areas of weakness. The number of sessions is dependent on the complexity of the speech area. We e-mail this proposal to you with an estimate of how many sessions would be required.
Step 3

Individual Coaching

Training commences with our highly specialized facilitators. We also provide specific sound byte for vowel and consonant practice, so that clients can continue to practice after the session, wherever and whenever they like.
Step 4

Maintenance & follow-up

Accents provides follow-up sessions for clients to ensure that the benefits gained, are retained.

Accents has been part of the Miss South Africa and Miss World pageant preparation.

We work with individuals to enhance clarity and help them discover their full vocal potential.

natasha joubert

Natasha Joubert

Miss South Africa Finalist 2020

kisa mfalila

Kisa Mfalila

World Bank

South Africa, in particular, is filled with many different accents – we might speak with a Zulu, Afrikaans, Coloured, Indian accent – to name but a few. At Accents, we do not aim to change your accent, our main focus is on improving clarity. This means that we will focus on accent reduction or neutralization, but we would not recommend eliminating a person’s accent.

Click here to see our page on accent reduction.

What will you learn?


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