English Improvement

According to the Harvard Business Review, English is now the global language of business. More & more multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language.

Working in a business environment involves a lot of communication – it’s an essential skill, in fact, it ranks as one of the most desired skills needed for business today.
English improvement

Technology magnifies the view of one’s English ability…

Emails are read simultaneously by many different people, showcasing your ability. Reports are shared, discussed and assessed in detail in meetings. Your ability to read and write in English has become a key skill in advancing your career.

Whether you are writing a winning CV or responding to a demanding client, the use of professional language and appropriate tone will most certainly enhance career success.

Looking to acquire these skills to advance your career?

In South Africa, there are many second and third-language English speakers, who have a poor command of English due to a history of inferior quality education.

Our training programme has enabled many individuals to improve their written and spoken English, thereby ensuring career advancement.

Our dynamic and interactive English in The Workplace Programme enables participants to be clear, concise and creative when expressing themselves.

What will you learn through our English improvement programme?

Each delegate’s level of proficiency is assessed  prior to commencement of training and weekly assignments reinforce learning.

Every session has a theoretical as well as a practical component. The nature of the training is participative and experiential with ample opportunity for speaking, which encourages delegates to break the barrier of self-consciousness and develop greater confidence and command of the language

English Improvement training is customized to address the specific needs of the work environment.

There is an option to work on:
  • Spoken English
  • Written English
  • Both spoken & written English
    Training may be conducted in groups or one-on-one to address individual needs.
  • Accents' involvement with SASOL

    Accents Training is a preferred provider for SASOL in English Improvement training. We were part of the original team involved in SASOL’s transformation from an Afrikaans into an English-speaking, global company. Accents is also tasked with improving the English speaking ability of foriegn skilled employees that are seconded from various countries such as: Italy, Iran & Poland.


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