Presentation Skills

Whether you are selling a product, service or idea, you need to be able to convince, captivate and inspire your audience. This course will enable you to do just that!

In business one needs to speak with credibility and authority. One needs to convey ideas in clear and informative way.
Great presentation skills enable you to be a compelling story-teller and take the audience on journey.
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We will assist you in presenting your ideas and recommendations.

  • In boardrooms
  • Lectures halls
  • At conferences
  • In meetings
  • Social gatherings

At Accents’ Presentation Skills, we believe in you! We want people to remember what you say and know that what you say is important.


The techniques you learn in this program are so simple and useful. With confidence, you will easily have the ability to create presentations and pitch ideas that will convince potential investors to trust you.
kisa mfalila

Kisa Mfalila

World Bank

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michelle barrett

Michelle Barrett


Improvement. Achievements. Clarity

The benefits of our Presentations Skills Training.

Your nerves will be transformed into positive energy

Your presentation strengths and weaknesses will be identified

You will know how to analyse an audience

Understand the impact of body language

 You will be able to connect and engage with the audience

accents-speaking in public

Communicate your message with clarity and logic

Increase the ease and effectiveness of using audio-visuals

Answer questions and objections with credibility and flair

Deliver dynamic and inspiring presentations

You will be able to use your voice effectively

teamwork - presentation skills

Accents Presentation Skills Programme

Our program will help you develop the skills required to conduct powerful and influential business presentations. We focus on increasing your:

  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Clarity


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