Public Speaking

Effective communicators are in high demand in business today. Therefore companies want to employ leaders who can communicate effectively, persuade clients and influence staff. There is a shortage of people who can do this. You can fill that gap.

Accents Public Speaking Programme.

Our programme has a unique action-based approach that focuses on effective vocal delivery and public speaking. At Accents, we will help you and your team develop specific skills to be powerful communicators. The training is adjusted to meet the requirements and needs of your business environment.

Anxiety. Avoidance. Nausea. Panic. Racing heartbeat

Do you suffer from Glossophobia?

Do you need to prepare for a significant conference or presentation? Accents Training can help you construct and deliver a winning talk.

Learn to control nerves and manage fear

Discover the power of authenticity

Powerful delivery skills using voice & body language

Kafka Summit London 2023

Accents Training was proud to prepare the Synthesis Team (Bhavesh Sooka and Yoni Lew) for the KAFKA Summit London 2023. The team gave an outstanding talk entitled: The Chronicles of KAFKA: A Migration Story.

Respond to questions & deal with audience ‘pushback’

Engage with the audience and develop rapport

Develop structure that is balanced and persuasive

Accents had the pleasure of waking up with fast paced breakfast show team at Metro FM

'Some people are born public speakers'

Anyone can learn this art. There is no such thing as a natural born judo master,chess champion or accountant. These are skills that can be learnt.

'Just copy an experienced speaker and you will be successful as well'

Public speaking is not a science, it is an art. If you try to mimic someone else, you won’t come across as authentic and true to yourself.

'I just can’t speak in front of people, why would anyone listen to me?'

You naturally possess some of the key public speaking skills – even if you currently don’t know how to use them. With an understanding of technique and some practice, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a brilliant speaker!

What about the issue of Fear?

Public speaking is often regarded as one of the most feared activities in the modern world.

At Accents, we assist clients in managing and controlling their fear through a number of powerful strategies. Fear is addressed from a physical as well as a psychological angle.

Above all by learning how to identify and manage our emotions, we can confidently present ourselves to others.

In the Video Marija discusses fear.

Accents has been part of the Miss South Africa and Miss World pageant preparation.

With a keen focus on voice and body language, we groom our candidates to project confidence and enthusiasm to the audience.

Shudufhadzo Musida

Miss South Africa 2020

Lalela Mswane

Miss South Africa 2021

Ndavi Nokeri

Miss South Africa 2022


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