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Public Speaking

Leadership Coaching 

Effective communicators are in high demand in business today. Companies want to employ leaders who can communicate effectively, persuade clients and influence staff. There is a shortage of people who can do this. You can fill that gap.

Accents has been part of the Miss South Africa and Miss World pageant preparation.

we groom the candidates in voice body language and responding to interview questions

Demi-Liegh Nel-Peters

Demi-Liegh Nel-Peters

Miss World 2017

Ntandoyenkosi Kunene

Ntandoyenkosi Kunene

Miss South Africa 2015

"Some people are just born public speakers."

Anyone can learn this art. There is no such thing as a natural born judo master, chess champion or accountant. These are skills that can be learnt.


"Just copy an experienced speaker and you will be successful as well."

Public speaking is not a science, it is an art. If you try to mimic someone else, you won’t come across as authentic and true to yourself.

"I just can’t speak in front of people, why would anyone listen to me?"

You naturally possess some of the key public speaking skills – even if you currently don’t know how to use them. With an understanding of technique and some practice, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a brilliant speaker!

What about the issue of FEAR?

Beyond all proportion, public speaking is quoted as one of the most feared activities in the modern world. At Accents, we assist clients in managing and controlling their fear through a number of powerful strategies.

Fear is addressed from a physiological & psychological angle.


Marija discusses fear

Do you suffer from glossophobia?

Accents’ Public Speaking Programme

Our programme is unique in that it targets effective vocal delivery and public speaking.

The module content is customised and the level adjusted to address the specific needs of your business environment.

Learn the power of authenticity

Self-awareness including voice and body language

Create audience rapport quickly

Use vibrant visuals

How to be creative and engaging

Develop structure that is balanced

Understand and manage fear

Microphone techniques & stage management

Deal with questions and audience "push back"

Group training and individual coaching are available. 

“Accents has transformed my ability to tell meaningful and dramatic stories in public speaking”

Ian Thomas

Motivational Speaker

“Thank you Marija, the wedding speech went off extremely well. I received compliments from friends and family alike”

Tim Rundle

Director ICS