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Personal Impact Training

Leadership Coaching 

Personal Impact Training is an intensive two-day course that includes key elements of communication, presentation, assertiveness and influence.

It is designed to bring these elements together in order to help delegates answer these questions:

  • How can I influence?
  • How do others perceive me?
  • Is  my message clear?

In a practical and lively way, using positive reinforcement, Accents will lay the foundations for a personal style that allows delegates to discover and increase the impact they have on others.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to create a positive impact with a great first impression and put their views forward to colleagues or clients with confidence and conviction.

Accents’ Personal Impact Training

Being able to connect with people and win their trust is vital.

Many people, however, are left to acquire these skills through trial and error.

Attending the Personal Impact Training will increase your self-awareness and develop your interpersonal skills so you come across positively, whatever the situation.

What are the benefits of attending Personal Impact Training?

Create a positive impact and great first impression with clients and colleagues

Build rapport and learn to communicate effectively with others

Assert your views with increased confidence

Understand how you come across to others and be able to adapt where needed

Influence in meetings and one-to-one situations

Develop your personal brand & network effectively

Discover your leadership style

Listen actively

What will you learn in the Personal Impact Training Course?

First impressions - how making an impact works

What is ‘presence’ and how to develop it

Posture, body language and movement

Managing nerves and confronting fear

Presenting ideas with impact

How to network & grow your personal brand effectively

Speak with credibility, passion and focus

Developing your voice - breathing, resonance, projection, clarity, expression, tone and pace

Behavioural flexibility and personal style

Assertiveness and confidence

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“We can certainly recommend your Personal Impact course. I was particularly impressed with the depth of the contents as well as the practical exercises”

Toni Slabbert


“Thank you for the most excellent and wonderful job you did in conducting the Personal Impact Workshop for our management team … there is an unqualified endorsement of the success and value of your contribution by all the participants”

Shabanji Opukah

British American Tobacco